Cinema Room Sofa

If you are considering a home cinema room then why not talk to Cinema Room Sofa. We can provide a simple surround for a TV in a luxurious fabric to make your room special.

If you happen to have cabinets or a console table in the room these may also be covered for a sleek look.

Alternatively you could cover all the walls, which not only looks incredible but also offers sound reduction qualities as well.

Be the envy of your friends why not install some luxury cinema seating style chairs which may even include recliners…..this takes the room to a whole different level….keeping both you and your children happy. Cinema Room Sofa can transform your TV room into an epic entertainment area for all the family to enjoy. With our experienced team of designers on hands to help your home cinema dreams come true, start your build now!

We operate throughout Luton and it’s surrounding areas. Call us now to start your Cinema Room journey.