Furniture Reupholstery Near Me


Here at Edward Trevor Upholstery furniture reupholstery is where the business started and still excels. We have reupholstered many thousands of chairs, sofas, headboards, dining chairs, cushions and anything else that can be upholstered!

Our aim is simple, to make the item of furniture as good as new again.

  • We will re-polish and repair where necessary as part of our service.
  • New fillings, new fabric re-polished, we do it all.
  • A picture is all we need to give you an estimate.

Alongside re-upholstery we offer a service to make you new cushions for seats and backs or just fillings if that is all you require. If the work isn’t good enough for my home then it isn’t good enough for yours.

Searching for furniture reupholstery near me? Give us a call on 02083612115 or come visit us at our shop in Luton!


Here are some examples of our work:
Furniture Reupholstery Near Me