Home Cinema / Walling / Games Room

If you are considering a Home Cinema room, then why not talk to us.

Watching a movie in your own home will always beat watching one in the cinema, with surround sound and the big screen, why not top off your Home Cinema with a simple surrounding in luxurious fabric, to make your house feel like the movies.

We can give your Home Cinema a new lease of life, whether that being a fresh update on cabinets or console tables to make your cinema room stand out or a total refurbishment on your chairs and sofas.

If you’re looking for a fun and effective way to soundproof your cinema, then why not cover the walls, not only does this give off a new stylish and deluxe setting, but also gives you the true cinema experience.

Wanting comfort in your own home is key, it may feel like a daunting and expensive task to replace your old and stained seating. Especially when chairs start looking like they have seen better days, why not look at an alternative to suit your budget? We offer a unique and affordable service in upholstering, choosing the right upholsterer for you is key. We keep up to date with the latest methods and trends to be able to offer our clients the most satisfactory experience throughout Luton.